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1+1=0- ring

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Juliana Borinski is a visual artist living in Paris, working in the field of photography, videography and media installation. Experimenting the conjunction between iconography and iconoclasm, in 2009 she produced an unlimited art jewelry edition entitled 1+1=0, which interrogates the creation and dissolution of value. By hybridizing exchange value objects (coins) and luxury goods (jewels), she creates a third sphere of value. The destruction of money and of its related value, for the pleasure of turning it into a jewel, projects money on another side of value as such. Inside the very jewel is a competition between value systems: value of luxury, value of money, value of art. As objectual as it is, 1+1=0 remains a node of conflicts and continuities within whatever value can be.

Material: mixed metals plated in gold.


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